Make Great Inspection Videos That Increase Upsells

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 Starting Your Video

  • Start at the back of the vehicle and show the customer their RO and vehicle including the rear license plate.
  • Introduce Yourself: “Hello, my name is [name] and I am the [brand] certified technician working on your vehicle today.”
  • With the vehicle already raised on the hoist, begin describing what you are doing: “I would like to go over the results of your vehicle’s inspection while I have it in the shop.”
  • Best Practices

Explain the CCI

  • Complaint that motivated the customer to bring in their car (let them know you are informed and attentive to their issue, “You brought your vehicle in today because of a squealing noise when stopping”).
  • Cause of the reported symptoms and why they exist (for example. “the squeal is caused by the wear indicator on the brake pad”)
  • Impact or consequences if the customer doesn’t fix the issue (for example, “if we don’t replace the brake pads today, you could lose braking power and not be able to stop on time, or significantly damage your braking system”)

Best Practices

  • During the videos, be sure to explain what is going on in the undercarriage and point out any additional recommendations found: tires, brakes, air filters, intake, hoses belts, fluid, leak, etc.
  • USE THE PAUSE BUTTON as needed (i.e. when lowering the vehicle.)

Finalizing Video

  • To finish the video, compliment the customer on taking good care of their vehicle and thank them for choosing your dealership for service. Always end with: “I am finishing up my inspection report right now, thank you for choosing [dealer] and let your service advisor know if you have any questions.”




in percentages and not measurements (mm, 32nds) as the customer understands this better.

Have good lighting (use the flashlight on your device)

Use your finger to point, so the user knows where to look.

Keep it factual, no need to sell.


State warranty coverages, recalls, or specific pricing.

Use technical words, curse, or talk down to customers.

Try to predict the future (i.e.“you have another 5000 miles to go on these brakes”).